TV obsessions—come on, admit it!

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Re: TV obsessions—come on, admit it!

Post by Dave_LF »

Any other Better Call Saul fans here?
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Re: TV obsessions—come on, admit it!

Post by Impenitent »

Has anyone seen Beforeigners?

Norwegian noir. People from different time periods suddenly start to pop up in the middle of the bay, and modern day Norway has to work out how to integrate these time refugees into the 21st century.

Also, to complicate things further, protagonists are mismatched pair senior detective Lars and new recruit Viking era sheildmaiden investigating some brutal murders (off-screen).

Excellent writing and acting, intriguing social commentary, all infused with delicious dry comedy. Subtitled.

Highly recommend. Only 2 seasons, alas.

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Re: TV obsessions—come on, admit it!

Post by Alatar »

Well Sandman is amazing. Drop everything and go watch it.

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Re: TV obsessions—come on, admit it!

Post by Snowdog »

Alatar wrote: Sun Aug 07, 2022 10:22 pm Well Sandman is amazing. Drop everything and go watch it.
My wife Kaz (Elora) made sure we were watching it. Finished the series today. Excellent TV!
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Re: TV obsessions—come on, admit it!

Post by Eldy »

I finally got around to watching the first episode of House of the Dragon. (Sadly, the DirecTV login that allowed me to watch the final season of GoT stopped working since I last used it to watch football, and I'm no longer on speaking terms with the relative it belongs to, but HBO Max offers the first episode as a free preview.) I really enjoyed it! I'm familiar with the source material, but I'm honestly not a big fan of Fire & Blood for reasons I've discussed previously and am too tired to rehash now. I didn't have strong expectations for HotD given how the second half of GoT went, but I did think there was a chance the adaptation could surpass its source material, and I'm pleased to assess the odds of that happening as better than ever after the first episode. There wasn't as much of Rhaenyra and Alicent's friendship as I expected from the amount of focus that got in most of the reviews and Discourse I read, but Matt Smith was an absolute delight. I wasn't really sold on him as Daemon Targaryen from the promo images, but seeing his performance in action, he is every bit the tremendous—and tremendously entertaining—asshole Daemon should be. I don't know when (or how) I'll get around to watching more, but I'm looking forward to doing so.

Hot take: HotD absolutely puts ROP to shame in the pacing department. The first episodes of each series are comparable in length, but so much more happens at the start of HotD. Yes, it has the benefit of its characters beginning in physical proximity, but it's not exactly a show with a small cast, or small ambitions. I don't know if the writers were able to keep this momentum going for the rest of the season, but at the outset, they make ROP look amateurish in this respect.
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