Gender and threats to "Normality" (spilit from "The challenges ahead")

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Re: Not enough Whisky for this Tango Foxtrot

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Sherriff note: attacking other people's views, even obliquely, is not acceptable here and needs to stop. Moreover, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, expressing a false view that certain individuals are mentally ill or "deviant" also would not be acceptable here and would not be tolerated. I'm going to move this discussion to the already existing thread in Tol Eressëa entitled "Gender and Threats to "Normality'" but I am also going to closely monitor what is written and I won't hesitate to remove things that are not appropriate for this board.
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Re: Gender and threats to "Normality" (spilit from "The challenges ahead")

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A new report from the Deseret News:

"After a girl beat their daughters in sports, Utah parents triggered investigation into whether she was transgender".

The parents complained, the state scholastic athletic association asked the school to investigate, and the school went through years of the girl's records and found that she had indeed been identified as female since kindergarten. The girl and her family never knew that this had happened:

"We didn't get to the parents or the student simply because if all of the questions about eligibility were answered by the school or the feeder system schools, there was no reason to make it a personal situation with a family or that athlete."

I think that means they still don't know.
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Re: Gender and threats to "Normality" (spilit from "The challenges ahead")

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And it's always, always girls/women and girls/women's sports. :nono:
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