Tolkien stuff on Youtube

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Tolkien stuff on Youtube

Post by Anduril »

Now you probably know there's a lot of the above on Youtube. These include "fanvids", clips of the man himself, fake Hobbit trailers, the entirety of The Return of the King (1980), and amateur re-enactments of the Fingolfin/Morgoth duel.

I'd like to share this oddity - The Tale of the Children of Húrin "trailer", assembled from other movies.

Spot the actors/actresses/sources! I don't know where the clip came from, but "Mîm" is amazing. (posted on TORC some months ago)


Morgoth vs Fingolfin 1:

Morgoth vs Fingolfin 2:

Morgoth vs Fingolfin 3 (CGI, Lego-ish):

"Spirit of Fire" - about Fëanor, naturally:
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Post by Holbytla »

The battle of Morgoth vs Fingolfin is one of my favorite Tolkien scenes.
Somehow I didn't picture Fingolfin with a Captain America cape on.
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Post by Inanna »

Not to mention sports shoes and white socks.

It was disconcerting to hear Shore where I expected laughter tracks.

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Post by Crucifer »

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Post by BrianIsSmilingAtYou »

This is a nice celtic-tinged rendering of the Beren and Lúthien poem that Strider sings at Weathertop.

And there are some neat fan-trailers out there.

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Post by Voronwë the Faithful »

I really like that, Brian. Did you listen to any of his other stuff? His Lament to Bomomir is really nice, too, as his Song of Durin.
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Post by Frelga »

Ooo, this was beautiful. :love:

Before this, my top find was They Are Taking the Hobbits to Isengard - a horse of a different feather, assuredly, but I found it hilarious.
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