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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 4:51 pm 
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Dear vison, I just read this thread after a morning in which the front page of our newspaper is dominated by a huge photo of blood on Iraqi girls' schoolbooks. I refolded it and set it aside, hoping none of my children would see it. I don't think disturbing images should be on the front page. I STILL remember and am STILL traumatized by particular images from the Vietnam War that I encountered by accident as a child.

It can be so upsetting to have grisly violent horror foisted upon us -- do you remember about a year ago, when I was really undone by some absolutely gruesome pictures I found -- completely unexpectedly (there was nothing in the topic of the book to suggest I should be preparing myself for enormous violence) -- in a book? At that time, those images touched a deep chord of suffering and horror in me. And the fear that some child might happen upon them was something I felt -- and was probably standing in for the thought that the child-in-me had stumbled on them and been hurt.

I am always against the excessive coverage of sensational trials, though of course very much of the mind that they must be covered (trials conducted in secrecy would lead us towards a different kind of horror). I do think that some things can work as a kind of poison, if our minds focus on them too much. Most people are not "evil," for instance, but thinking about these awful crimes makes them seem too close to the center of the world and the heart of human nature. I guess it's a bit like Denethor staring into his stone and being mastered by it!

There was a big spurt in numbers of people jumping to their deaths after the movie about Golden Gate Bridge suicides came out (and all the attendant publicity). That makes me uncomfortable.

vison, protect the kids around you as best you can and comfort the kid in you wounded by all this horror. :hug:

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 5:01 pm 
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I agree with you, Teremia.

There are those who say that exposure to awful things de-sensitizes one, and I suppose that can be true. One of our oldest friends was an RCMP officer, he was an identification specialist and also crime scene photographer and the decades of seeing awful things affected him very badly. To put it bluntly, he became a crazy alcoholic and is still in the process of drinking himself to death. He has a very, very sour view of humanity and seems to believe that everyone is evil.

As for me, such things tend to haunt me rather than harden me, although certainly I've had little "real life" experience with anything really awful. There are things I don't want to see. It's bad enough to read about terrible things, such as war, without having to look at it, as well. I try not to. I don't think it's hiding my head in the sand, just self-preservation. The wrapper on my copy of "Schindler's List" has never been cut, and I daresay it never will be. I know about all I want to know about that.

Dig deeper.

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