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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:54 pm 
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There are over seven weeks to go in the American election cycle. I love coming here and participating in the political discussions about the election. I can see that others do also.

Any discussion must be open and honest. People must be able to express themselves frankly without being accused of evil underlying motives.

So just how do we do this? I do not think it is wise to fight these "what I can say and what I cannot say" battles on a daily basis where the first party to accuse the other of some PC offense carries the day. That stifles discussion not promotes it.

We have an African American candidate. We have a female candidate. We have an older candidate. Their identity has played a role - some larger that others - in their candidacy and in their success.

In the larger arena, both Republicans and Democrats are stumbling badly trying to figure out how to handle these differences of reality. The least little statement is interpreted way out of proportion to be meant as "racist" or "sexist" or "ageist".

I am worried because I see that happening here. People are using these charges against others , and I believe its to stifle opinions they do not want to hear.

I would love to hear the opinions of others as to how you can openly talk about these things without subjecting yourself to wild accusations. I am not interested in being an ostrich and hiding my head in the sand pretending that these differences do not exist or we should all be pollyanna's and pretend they do not exist. That does not work.

How can we have an open and free exchange of ideas between rational people discussing sometimes controversail subjects without this becoming a accusatory environment?

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